Mountain View High School Football Kicker
Sets All-Time National Deadlift Record

For Immediately Release:  April 04, 2017

Mountain View High School Football Junior Kicker / Punter, Magnus Wattles, set a national all-time deadlift record in the lightweight teen division.  Magnus pulled an incredible 505 lb straight bar, raw deadlift at a body weight of 185 lbs this past weekend at the United States Strongman National Record breakers.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Magnus immediately went on to set the national record in the lightweight teen division with a 565 lb, 18″ deadlift.

I think we can make the argument that Magnus is now the strongest high school kicker/punter in the country.

Matt Wattles, MS, Pn1

Matt is the head Strength & Conditioning Coach and owner of Competitive Edge - Athletic Performance Center. He has a masters degree in Exercise Science and over 25 years experience in strength and conditioning and nutrition as both an athlete and coach/trainer. Matt is a Past President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologist (ASEP), has published numerous articles in professional and research journals and been an invited presenter at national conferences throughout the country. He has founded two companies and owns 2 exercise and rehabilitation Patents. As a Strength coach, Matt has helped hundreds of athletes earn college scholarships as well as having worked with numerous professional and world class strength athletes. Matt's practical experience, theoretical knowledge and immense background puts him on par with the very best in the athletic performance world.  

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