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Why Train at Competitive Edge?

What we do at Competitive Edge isn’t just about strength & conditioning.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our work with our athletes is comprehensive. There are several components to what we do, including:

  •  Identify athlete weaknesses & work specifically to improve those weaknesses
  • Improve functional movement which includes myofascial release, mobility & corrective exercises
  • Improve overall strength, speed, conditioning and power development (explosiveness)
  • Integrate performance nutritional programming to support athletic performance
  • Provide observable & measurable data for each athlete for all work done in the gym. Think “Report Card” on performance gains for each athlete.

Injury prevention is the foundation of all programming so our athletes do not miss valuable playing time.

Strength and conditioning is not something parents, coaches and athletes should take lightly. The strength & conditioning field is saturated with people designing/implementing strength & conditioning programs for athletes without adequate education, knowledge and experience in the field.

Strength and conditioning is a science, it is NOT personal training, speed training, coaching, etc.  Many coaches, personal trainers and “strength coaches” do not have formal training or education in the field. Much of their knowledge or experience comes only from when they lifted or played sports in school.

Would you go to a doctor that doesn’t have a degree or practical experience in medicine?  Would you go to a lawyer that didn’t have a degree in law?

For more information, read a recent survey from the National Strength and Conditioning Association on this very topic:

Is Your High School Strength Coach Qualified to be a Strength Coach?


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Buyer Beware

The risks of NOT working with qualified individuals are far too great.


One Size DOES NOT Fit All

 Many programs rely on prepackaged, generic programs for their athletes or all athletes perform the same program regardless of individual need. This practice is negligent for athletes. Injuries begin surfacing, results are not evident or measured and athletic performance screeches to a halt.

We Bullet Proof Our Athletes

 Every athlete is individual. Every athlete requires different programming to maximize strengths and support weaknesses. If a program is not designed with those basic fundamentals, injuries are inevitable. At Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center, our job is to keep our athletes healthy, injury free and on the field.

The Bottom Line…We Produce Results.

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