Athlete's Testimonials


On the Field

Dan Paul

#47 – Fullback, Boise State University
2009 – 2012

If you are an aspiring athlete at any age, level or sport and located here in the greater Boise area there is no better place to train than Competitive Edge with Matt Wattles. Whether your goals are to exceed in a specific sport, experience massive strength gains, or to be in the best shape of your life, Matt’s methodical and scientific way of dialing a person in is second to none.  His knowledge of the human body and its reaction to different types of training and nutrition are amazing.  Over the past few months I have worked with Matt I have learned more about my body and strength training than my previous five years as a college athlete and Kinesiology student.

Training under Matt’s program at Competitive Edge I have seen my strength numbers go through the roof.  Not only that, at 260 lbs my speed, agility, and explosiveness are better than they were when I weighed 240.  At 260 lbs I have been able to keep the lean physique that I have always wanted because of Matt’s extensive knowledge and experience regarding nutrition.

Matt’s personalized programs and approach to workouts makes the atmosphere at Competitive Edge supportive and always with your best interests in mind.  Let Matt take you to the top of your game, whatever your sport may be; It only takes a couple weeks to see your body doing things you never thought possible!

Tyler O'Donnell

Jim O’Donnell, Father of Tyler O’Donnell

Varsity Basketball, Rocky Mountain H.S.

My son Tyler O’Donnell has been an athlete at Competitive Edge APC since it’s opening. Tyler loves coming and working with Matt and his performance shows his commitment.


As the father of a young elite level athlete, I knew that to continue to advance my sons athletic ability we had to get him into strength and conditioning program.  For me, selecting a facility and a coach was extremely important.


With the rapid increases in Tyler’s strength his personal goals include being able to dunk a basketball by the end of the summer.  His core strength is evident in his throwing and hitting a baseball   More than anything else, Tyler’s self-confidence is up 100%.    Because of his confidence he performs better against the more competitive kids.  He is now focusing on his nutrition as he understands how it relates to his performance.


What your program has done for my son socially and as a human being is far beyond what we could have imagined.  “


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Spencer King

Spencer King

United States Air Force Academy (Tight End / Defense End)

I found out about Competitive Edge from some of my football teammates at Bishop Kelly, where I went to high school.


In my short time at Competitive Edge, I made tremendous gains. In just 3 months, I put on 22 lbs, with 16 of those pounds as lean body mass. I improved my bench press by 60 lbs, and made significant improvements on all my other lifts. Competitive Edge has helped me prepare for the extreme physicality of Division 1 college football, and without going to Competitive Edge; I would not feel nearly as prepared.


The huge gains you make in a short amount of time at Competitive Edge is what makes it so unique from any other facilities.   I would highly recommend it to any other athletes in the Treasure Valley that are looking to play collegiate sports.  There is no other place in the Valley that will give you the type of preparation and success that Competitive Edge does.

Hunter Netles - BSU

Hunter Nettles

Boise State University (#63 – Offensive Guard)

I’m a 6’3 300 pound offensive lineman at Boise State University. I first found out about Competitive Edge when I played for Snow College in Utah. When I returned to Boise over the summer break I could see how much bigger, stronger and faster he had gotten since I had last seen him. My friend highly recommended I to go and check out Competitive Edge and what I found was amazing!


Matt worked with me to get me into the best shape of my life in the 10 weeks I was able to train with him and my numbers sky rocketed in that short time! I cut my body fat percentage and added a lot of lean body mass which is essential for any college offensive lineman. I have noticed such a difference not only in my athletic performance, but also my daily life. I feel healthier and more energized throughout the day. I am much quicker, more explosive and am by far the strongest I have ever been!


I plan on training with Matt throughout my football playing career. I highly recommend Matt and Competitive Edge to any athlete who is serious about maximizing their athletic potential.

Connor Mallet - Air Force Football

Conner Mallet

United States Air Force Academy (Tight End / Defense End)

I went to Competitive Edge after I signed a letter of intent to play football at a Division 1 program.  I knew I had a lot of work to ahead of me if I was going to show up to the first practice ready to play at that level.  I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Matt Wattles and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Even though I had a limited amount of time and set some very high personal goals for myself, I greatly surpassed all of my goals by the time I arrived at school.

The atmosphere at Competitive Edge was motivating and challenging.  Matt paired me with other athletes with similar goals, but worked with me to develop strategies for my specific position and helped me develop a whole life approach to fitness.  He gave me diet recommendations and a well-rounded approach to fitness.  I not only gained the strength, mass, and agility I needed, but I finished my program healthier and more fit than I had ever been.

I am currently entering a special operations career field in the military and the approaches for fitness and lifestyle I learned from Matt have prepared me for the physical fitness demands and training mindset of this profession.  I owe Matt a great debt for all he has helped me accomplish.