EdgeMeridian Scholarship Fund


Competitive Edge – Athletic Performance Center, is pleased to present the EdgeMeridian Scholarship Fund.

This fund was developed in order to cover the costs of training provided by the facility to those athletes who may not have the resources to pay for services but show promise in their discipline.

There are currently 5 scholarships available for eligible applicants.

The following parameters will be considered with each application:

  • Financial Necessity
  • Academic Performance
  • Scholastic Leadership
  • Dedication to Sport
  • Involvement with the Community
  • Honors and Awards
  • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants may be asked to provide documentation to verify financial status, academic achievement, and/or honors and awards received. Competitive Edge APC would like to thank our professional level alums as well as local organizations and community members that have graciously provided the financial resources available for this scholarship fund.

If you know someone or have someone in mind that would benefit from high end training, please let us know.

If your company or you as an individual are interested in donating, providing a scholarship or for further information please contact us through the form below.

** All donations and scholarships are 100 % tax deductible through our EdgeMeridian 503 B. 

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