Slide Top Athletes, Incredible Results After years of unsuccessful attempts to lose fat while staying strong, I had pretty much given up.
I had trouble making weight, I was unhappy with my body, and my metabolism just wasn’t where
I wanted it to be. With the help of Matt Wattles and his straightforward, no-nonsense approach
to dieting, I was able to drop 10+ pounds of fat while retaining muscle and strength.

It’s one thing to SAY you’re willing to do whatever it takes; it’s quite another to stick to the plan and
tough it out. My experience with the Wattles Way has really changed my perspective on “eating”
versus “fueling” my body, mind and performance. I’m a forever follower!
Hannah “The Minx” Johnson-Hill
Elite Level Powerlifter & National Figure Competitor, Team EliteFTS
PRO STATUS: 148lb Womens
Harley Davidson Spokesmodel Bikini contest Winner
Best Squat: 450lb
Best Bench: 325lb
Best Deadlift: 480lb
Best Total: 1200lb

Nutritional Consulting

Program Summary

3-month nutrition program for men and women who want to become lean, fit and healthy

  • Customized nutrition and supplement program
  • Ongoing coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track and consistent
  • Detailed nutrition instruction to get you eating right
  • Private email support with guaranteed responses from coaches

Nutritional Set-up 

  • Includes - 3 Day Dietary History & Assessment
  • Customized nutrition and supplement program
  • Goal Setting

Bi-weekly Sessions Include

  • Body Composition Testing
  • Progress assessments. Changes made based on results.
  • Trouble shooting
  • Nutrition education

Program Cost

  • $99 – Initial Setup
  • $99 - Per Month (* 3-Month Minimum)


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