Do you know what size you need to be to play your sport/position?

In the Gym - 650 lb Deadlift


Do you know how strong you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?

Logan Miller


Do you know how explosive you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?



Do you know how fast you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?

Do You Know Your Performance Metrics?

  • Do you know what performance metrics you need to play at the next level?

  • Regardless of your sport or position, it is very important that you understand exactly how big, strong, fast and explosive your competition is.   

  • We know the metrics and we can help!




Wyatt Johnson (headshot)

Wyatt Johnson

Professional Football Player - Bismark Bucks

"If you're looking for athletic performance, Competitive Edge will get you were you need to be.
Hands down best atmosphere for any athlete trying to get better."



We are a thriving community of strength coaches and sports medicine practitioners with top connections throughout the country.

We would love for you to join us.

Come by to see what we are up to, introduce yourself, show off your athletic endeavors and achievements or just ask a question.

We Are Nationally Recognized Leaders In
Athletic Development &  Movement Efficiency


We don't take it lightly when we say we are experts.

We've helped build one of the premier athletic development and movement efficiency companies in the United States.

We are Co-Founders / Co-Owners in Movement Guides, Inc.  Movement Guides designs, manufactures, and sells human movement efficiency improvement products. Movement Guides also develops training programs that help people and athletes move better and more efficiently.   Our products and programs are used in the fitness, corporate wellness, sports medicine, collegiate & elite athletic performance markets.

The Bottom Line Is You're In Good Company

Used & Recommended By These Leading Professional, Collegiate and Medical Sports Medicine Programs.

We are the Official Athletic Development Partner of the Lift Life Foundation.


How Competitive Edge Stacks Up Against The Competition


  • You Need To Find The Very Best Opportunities To Increase Performance

    • Top credentials and practical experience in the Treasure Valley
    • Official Athletic Development Partner of's Lift Life Foundation 
    • Our Products and training programs are being used and implemented by the top professional teams, players, Olympics athletes, Colleges, Sports Medicine Facilities as well as the U.S. Military and their Special Forces.
    • Isn't it time you left something so important up to professionals?

  • Why Competitive Edge?

    • Programming driven by comprehensive individual assessments
    • Personalized relationships built on trust, integrity and results
    • Individualized programming in small groups w/similar abilities
    • State of the art training facility and equipment
    • Short and focused training sessions so you can concentrate on the technical aspects of your sport
    • Detailed performance metrics to help you gain elite status

  • What Competitive Edge IS:

    • Private, membership based facility
    • Expert Knowledge / Practical Experience
    • We are pioneers and the leading authority on training athletes in the Treasure Valley
    • Proven System for Results. We have helped more clients reach their potential than any other training facility in Idaho.
    • Endorsed by many highly respected professionals

  • Competitive Edge is NOT:

    • We are not an open gym
    • We are not a "speed training facility"
    • We do not have large group classes
    • We do not offer one size fits all generic work outs of the day

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Learn More About Our Incredible Programs

Matt - 605 DL

Client Showcase

You'll Be Blown Away

See How:

  • Strong our athletes are!
  • Fast our athletes are!
  • Explosive our athletes are!
Bishop Kelly Varisty & Matt


What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Dan Paul:  Boise State Football
  • Hunter Nettles: Boise State Football
  • Spencer King: U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Many more....
Garrett 51 inch Box jump

Sports Training

You'll  Love Our Training

Learn how we'll Increase your:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Overall Athleticism

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