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Check out some of the incredible accomplishments of athletes training at Competive Edge!

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Athletes gone on to play in Collge
Lower Body Power


Athletes > 34" Vertical
Lower Body Strength


Athletes Squat > 500 lbs
Total Body Strength


Athletes Deadlift > 500 lbs
Upper Body Strength


Athletes Bench > 400 lbs

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Who trains at Competitive Edge?


Division 1 athletes, Professional Athletes, Olympic hopefuls, State, National & World Record Holders
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Check out some of the amazing things Competitive Edge athletes have been and are doing:


  1. Dan Paul: Boise State University
  2. Dani Schwable: Soccer / Pro Strongwoman
  3. Wyatt Johnson: Professional Football Player
  4. Amy Wattles: Pro Strongwoman / World Record Holder
  5. Caleb Christensen:  Boise State University / National Record Holder
  6. Magnus Wattles: Butte College
  7. Jon Baumgardner: Washington State University (4A Player of the Year)
  8. Jake Shaddox: Boise State University
  9. Garrett Garner: Snow College
  10. Daniel Oldham:  International Elite Level Power Lifter / Idaho State Record Bench Press

Dan Paul

Boise State University (#47 – Fullback)

On the Field
In the Gym - 650 lb Deadlift

Dan Paul is a former fullback for Boise State University.  He trained with us at Competitive Edge in preparation for his NFL Pro Day Combine.

Dan had the overall best combine out of all the BSU athletes and at 262 lbs jumped an incredible 37 1/2" vertical.  Dan was also ranked in the number one and number two spot out of all the fullbacks at NFL combine that year.

Dan Pauls Numbers

Dan: In the Media



Here is what Bleacher Report had to say about Dan's performance:

However, the most impressive thing Paul did was post a 37.5-inch vertical. For a guy who 6'1", 262 lbs, that is an impressive number. His bench press numbers would have been top five in the NFL combine.

Boise State Football: Complete Pro Day Results and Analysis 

Here is what CBSSports had to say:

Nine other former Broncos participated on pro day. The most impressive of that group was fullback Dan Paul, who weighed 262 pounds, jumped 37.5 inches, did 30 reps on the bench press and ran the 40 in 4.76 seconds.

Boise State Pro Day: CB Taylor, RB Harper fight for attention

Dani Schwable

Pro Strongwoman
Soccer:  Boise State University / Borah High School


  • ASC Professional Strongwoman
  • National MW Strongwoman Champion (2016)
  • Strongest Woman in the World (2016)
Dani Schwalbe

Dani Schwalbe is what we like to refer to as a freak show!  Dani is considered by many to be pound for pound the strongest women in the world.

That is by no accident.  Dani has all the tools.  Genetics, heart and a work ethic only few can realize and extremely coachable.  Her natural athletic ability and pressing strength is why Schwalbe has become one of the top strongwomen in the sport in a rather short time.

Dani: In the Media

The Future of Women’s Strength Sports: Going Heavy with Strongwoman Dani Schwalbe

Strongwoman Goes Pro: Four Top Competitors Share Their Secrets and Training Tips

Dani - Interview at Strongest Woman in the World



Wyatt Johnson

Professional Football:  Bismarck Bucks 
High School:  Capital High School


  • Indoor Football League (IFL):  Billings Wolves (2016)
  • Champions Indoor Football (CFL):  Bismark Bucks (2017, 2018)
Wyatt Johnson - Bismark Bucks Promo

Amy Wattles

Pro Strongwoman


  • ASC Professional Strongwoman
  • National Champion:  Strongwoman Masters (2017)
  • National Champion:  Mas Wrestling Women’s (2016)
  • National Champion:  US Grip Women’s (2015)
  • National Champion:  North American Highlander Association (NAHA)
  • World Strongwoman Championship, Poland (6th place, 2008)

World Records in Grip

Amy holds multiple records, including Ironmind’s:

  1. Apollon Axle Double Overhand Deadlift
  2. Hub
  3. COC Silver Bullet Hold
  4. Little Big Horn


  • Team EliteFTS Sponsored Athlete
  • Cellucor Sports Nutrition - Sponsored Athlete

Amy: In the Media

Amy Wattles (Second woman in the world) Certifies on the Captains of Crush No. 2 Gripper 


Amy Wattles: World Record on the Apollon’s Axle 


IronMind Record Breakers: Amy Wattles and Mike Burke Prevail


MILO: Sep 14, 22.2: Amy Wattles 2014 North American Mas Wrestling Champion


MILO: Sep 13, 21.2 - Amy Wattles: America’s New Grip Queen 

Magnus Wattles

Football:  Signed with Butte College 
High School:  Mountain View High School


  • National Deadlift Record (US Strongman - Teen, Light weight division)
  • National 18" Deadlift Record (US Strongman - Teen, Light weight division)

Magnus - Game winning kick against Rocky Mountain High School



505 lb Deadlift - National Deadlift Record


565 lb 18" Deadlift - National Record


Caleb Christensen

Football:  Signed with Boise State University 

High School:  Borah High School


  • National Deadlift Record (US Strongman - Teen Heavy weight division)
  • National 18" Deadlift Record (US Strongman - Teen Heavy weight division)
On the Field
Signing with BSU

Caleb: In the Media

Caleb - KIVI Channel 6 News Story
at Competitive Edge

Jon Baumgardner

Football:  Signed with Washington State University

High School:  Bishop Kelly High School


  • Idaho - 4A Player of the Year (2015)
Jon Baumgardner(1)
Jon Baumgardner

Jon: In the Media

2015 4A All-Idaho Football Player of the Year: Jon Baumgardner, Bishop Kelly 

2015 All-Idaho Football Team: They’re freaky good 

Jake Shaddox

Boise State University (#39 – Running back)

High School:  Skyview High School/ Foothill High School (Palo Cedro, CA)

Jake Shaddox - BSU
Jake Shaddox

Jake: In the Media

Boise State numerical roster countdown 2016: Day 39, Jake Shaddox 


Garrett Garner

Snow College (#33 – Runningback)

High School:  Centennial High School 

Garrett Garner

Dan Oldham

International Elite Level Power Lifter


  • 585 lb Bench Press - Idaho State Record

“If you are sick of the classic big box, boring, get you by kind of atmosphere to train at, training with Matt at Competitive Edge is where you want to go.  This place is legit for anybody who wants to be the best at their chosen athletic endeavor.  There is no other place in Idaho like it.  You get a one on one system even if you train with a group.  Everything is tailored to your goals, your body, and your needs.  You will not only get what to do, but why to do it.  This way when you are traveling, go off to school, or are at a competition you are not lost and end up not competing at your best because you know why you are doing something and how attack it.

I came in to Matt’s gym as a complete newbie to the world of powerlifting and really just kind of a walking mess.  Through my time with Matt my lifting patters got much better, my health elevated, and I was able to crush some of my previous goals.  I dropped nearly 10% body fat in a year, my powerlifting lifts (squat/bench/deadlift) went from 365/285/415 to 555/395/565 and my passion for the sport elevated being in an environment that was not meant for the weak.

Matt is truly one of the best coaches that I have ever had after playing several sports in high school and after high school, Matt still ranks as one of the best.  If you want that scholarship, that opportunity to go pro, or are looking to go from making a competition a hobby to a passion, Competitive Edge is the place to go.”

-- Dan Oldham - Idaho State Bench Press Record Holder (585 lbs)