Saying we are a "Leading Authority" actually means something!

When we say we are leading authorities, we are not just referring to the Treasure Valley or the state of Idaho, but throughout the country and we don't take it lightly.  We walk the walk and talk the talk and have decades in the saddle.  Our practical experience and theoretical knowledge is what makes us incredibly unique.  It would be hard to find people with our background, knowledge, experience and accomplishments anywhere in the country!

Master Degrees, President of a National Professional Organization,
Multiple National Championships, Multiple World Records  

The list goes on and on...


Matt, on set at, shooting a video for a nation wide
course on Movement Education and Athletic Development

Matt - on the set at, filming a series on athletic development.

Matt Wattles, MS, Pn1

Head Strength Coach / Owner

Matt_Big Ass Log

Matt is the head Strength & Conditioning Coach and owner of Competitive Edge - Athletic Performance Center.  He has a masters degree in Exercise Science and over 25 years experience in strength and conditioning and nutrition as both an athlete and coach/trainer. Matt is a Past President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologist (ASEP), has published numerous articles in professional and research journals and been an invited presenter at national conferences throughout the country. He has founded two companies and owns 2 exercise and rehabilitation patents.

As a Strength Coach, Matt has helped hundreds of athletes earn college scholarships as well as having worked with numerous professional and world class strength athletes.

Matt's practical experience, theoretical knowledge and immense background puts him on par with the very best in the athletic performance world.

Amy Wattles, Ed.S.



Amy has set her self apart and is considered one of the TOP female strength athletes in the world!   She holds numerous world records and has won numerous national championships. Amy is a professional strongwoman, and also competes in Highland Games, Mas Wrestling and Grip. In addition to her background in strength athletics, Amy is a Special Education Teacher in the Treasure Valley.  Amy does an outstanding job working with children of all ages.

Amy is a Sponsored Athlete and member of Team EliteFTS.  EliteFTS is the gold standard for athletes in the strength world. She has written hundreds of articles, posts and blogs in the world of strength and athletics.  You can read her articles and posts at

Amy's Highlights

  • Professional Strongwoman (ASC Pro card)
  • Team EliteFTS Sponsored Athlete
  • Cellucor Sports Nutrition - Sponsored Athlete
  • Mas Wrestling Women’s National Champion
  • US Grip Women’s National Champion
  • North American Highlander Association (NAHA) Women’s National Champion
  • World Strongwoman Championship, 6th place (2008)
  • 2017 - Invited to World's Strongest Women
  • World records in grip:  Amy holds multiple records, including Ironminds: Apollon Axle Double Overhand Deadlift, Hub, COC Silver Bullet Hold & Little Big Horn
  • Second woman in the world to certify on the Ironmind Captains of Crush #2 gripper
  • Featured in Milo’s September 2013 issue, “Amy Wattles: America’s New Grip Queen
  • Qualified for 2013 World Strongwoman Championship & 2014 Arnold Strongman Amateur World  Championship
  • Masters of Arts – Special Education
  • Education Specialist Degree – Educational Leadership
Dave Tate

Dave Tate

Founder and CEO of
" Selecting team members at elitefts™ isn't taken lightly. We use a very detailed process including competitive history, background checks, interviews, referrals, and spend a great deal of time looking for all the reasons they should not become a member of team. This is a 6-8 person process than can take between 4-6 months. It is our goal to bring in the best of the best. By this we do not necessarily mean the #1 ranked competitor or the most the one who has the most programming knowledge. Best of the Best means they are the total package and possess the ability to help educated and coach our readers to the next level. Amy encompasses our passion to Live, Learn and Pass On and has my highest endorsement."
- Dave Tate founder and CEO Inc