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How long has Competitive Edge APC been in business?

Competitive Edge APC has been in business and in our current facility since 2012.


What is an athletic performance center?

In short, an athletic performance center specializes and focuses on training athletes. An athletic performance center is NOT a speed school, fitness center or gym.

As an athletic performance center, we have immense knowledge and understanding of what it takes to support each athlete in order to accomplish his or her goals. We train our athletes specific to their individual needs and will often train differently than other populations in order to be successful. Movement efficiency, strength, power, agility, speed, work capacity and endurance are all vital components necessary for an athlete to be successful and are incorporated into training at Competitive Edge APC.

While all areas are integrated, our main focus is on the development of explosive power. Research has shown that an athlete’s ability to display a high level of explosive power is the most important factor in determining their overall success.

How is Competitive Edge APC different from other local training facilities?

Competitive Edge APC is a private, membership based facility, NOT an open gym. We train our athletes in small groups with similar abilities and do not conduct large group sessions.

As a specialized facility, we are able to focus on the individual and his/her specific needs. All client programming is driven by comprehensive, individualized assessments. Not only do the individualized assessments drive programming, they are also used to hold us accountable by reporting results for all clients. Since all data is observable and measurable, clients have a firm understanding of where their performance is at all times and are able to identify and quantify the progress made.

Competitive Edge APC is the pioneers and leading authority on training athletes in the Treasure Valley. Our practical experience and theoretical knowledge is what makes us incredibly unique. You can read more about our backgrounds on our About Us Page

What does a typical training session look like at Competitive Edge APC?

Each training session is designed and programmed specific to the individual athlete needs.  Training sessions last approximately one hour in length and consist of the following components: 

1) Moment Efficiency/Quality

  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Myofascial release
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Active Flexibility/Mobility
  • Muscle activation techniques

2) Explosive Power Training

3) Strength Training

4) Speed and Multi-Directional Speed

Any coach can make someone tired. It’s not difficult to do. Each training session at Competitive Edge APC is designed with purpose and detail.

What can I expect from my training and programming?

Your training will be based on your individual goals after completing a comprehensive, individualized assessment.  From there, you will work individually with a coach on form and technique until you are comfortable with our system.  After that, you will train in small group with other athletes of similar abilities.   

Our proven system of results is unsurpassed.  We're exactly what you've been hoping for to push you to the next level!

How are results measured?

Performance data on any athlete is essential in order to identify individual training needs and evaluate program efficacy through monitored progress.

The process begins with a testing protocol that includes performance measures directly correlated to the athlete’s specific sport. After the athlete is tested on these performance measures, we analyze the data to determine areas of improvement. This data can also be used to see where an athlete scores compared to their age/ability group and can be utilized to determine team performance areas of improvement.

Tests for Specific Performance Categories include:

  1. Anthropometric Data
  2. Lower Body Power Assessments
  3. Agility & Speed
  4. Upper Body Strength

Why are metrics and performance indicators so important?

In sports, there are standards of competition that must be attained in order to be successful.  It must also be stated that in sports there are standards of performance indicators (metrics) that also must be attained in order to be successful.  These metrics include:

  1. Anthropometric Data
  2. Lower Body Power Assessments
  3. Agility & Speed
  4. Upper Body Strength

These metrics will, in most cases, determine at what level you'll be able to play after high school. Some of the metrics will be out of your control, such as how tall you will be and other areas of your genetic make-up.  However, there are many variables that you can improve and at this stage that must be your focus.    

The metrics are one of the most important overall indicators. There are levels of strength, speed and power that are necessary, not for guaranteed success, but as criteria to allow (qualify) an athlete to compete in their given sport.

Let’s say for example, a Division 1 college linebacker can bench press 315. However, you are only able to bench 175 lbs. It is reasonable to expect that you may not have the upper body strength to play at that level and will be outmatched on the field.

Whatever your sport or position, you need to know what the average performance measures are and then try to match or exceed them. During our first meeting, we will sit down and go over the performance metrics for your sport and position. We will then design a comprehensive program to help you hit and then exceed these measures.

Does my child really need additional training outside of the training received at school?


It all depends on your child’s goals and where you want him or her to be after high school. If the goal is to be a top college recruit, then your child must have access to the best coaches for each specialty area. If you want to be a top shooting guard in basketball, you would want to find the best shooting coach. If you want to improve your athletic abilities and performance metrics (strength, speed, power) then you need to find a top strength and conditioning coach to help you achieve these goals.

The same is true with musicians.  Can your high school provide you with the best musical instructor for small group or individualized classes at school? Of course not.  The top musical instructors will be specialized and found in private settings that allow them to work one on one with students to give them individualized sessions.

So why would it be any different with strength and conditioning?  Our schools do not have the resources, personnel, facilities or expertise to provide top notch individualized programming to each and every student athlete.  It is unrealistic to expect or claim that they do.

Some of our local high schools have more than 200 kids in their football program alone.  Do you still think you'll get the best programming and attention? Probably not and you will be lucky if you are able to have access the appropriate equipment to engage in a meaningful training session with so many kids training.

In many other states, athletes are encouraged by school and club coaches to find additional outside expertise to assist the athletes with their development. That progressive thinking is what continues to push other states far ahead of Idaho in youth athletic performance across multiple sports.  If you are looking to increase your overall athletic abilities and performance metrics, we may be the right choice for you.

Why are you more expensive than all of the other speed camps/training facilities in town?

We are nationally recognized experts with more than two decades of experience in the field of performance training.  We are specialists and do not offer generic works out of the day nor do we have large group training like many other "performance" facilities.

 Choosing to train with us is very similar to choosing a CPA or Attorney.  You can find many "performance" facilities that will charge you very little for their service, but it will show in the work they perform and the results you will get.  

 You are paying for knowledge, experience and results.  Do you really want to leave something as important as your performance training to people without strong backgrounds and expertise in the field?

 We offer an initial Free Consultation to see if we are the right fit for you.  Click here to sign up for your Free Consultation. 

Can’t I get a good enough work out at my school?

Let’s be clear, we always encourage our clients to participate in all athletic activities with their team. There are many benefits and purposes for doing so. However, when discussing specialized training it is reasonable to recognize there are limiting factors related to individualized training and progress.

In order to answer this question, the first appropriate question to ask is who is in charge of the athletic strength and conditioning for your team. Typically, the people responsible for strength and conditioning at the high schools are teachers or coaches of other sports. 

 If coach is a Health teacher, a football coach and also in charge of implementing the strength and conditioning program for the team, which component does their expertise lie in? How reasonable is it to be an expert in all of those areas?  The point being is that a jack of all trades and master of none can be significant limiting factors for those athletes who have passion and desire to continue their athletic careers after high school.

Unfortunately in our area, you will generally not find high level strength and conditioning coaches at the high school level because the money is not there.  If these positions exist, they are often a volunteer position or not funded directly from the school districts.

Next, it is important to acknowledge that it is difficult to get individualized instruction on safe and proper form and technique when there are over 100 athletes training in the weight room that day. It is unrealistic to expect the coaches and teachers are able to watch and correct athletes constantly and have all eyes in all places at all times. Individualized assessments are out because they cannot be completed on hundreds of kids OR they cannot be reliably be implemented across multiple teenage testers. In the end what this means is that you’re likely getting a generic cookie cutter program which may be sufficient to achieve your athletic goals.

For others, it is not acceptable. Athletics have gotten incredibly competitive and specialized.  Working with an outside, highly qualified coaches in private instruction can give you a competitive edge and help you progress towards meeting and exceeding performance metrics for your chosen position or sport. 

Here's what Dan Paul (Former Fullback at Boise State University) had to say:

"Over the past few months I have worked with Matt I have learned more about my body and strength training than my previous five years as a college athlete and Kinesiology student."

Think of us like am ACT preparation Center. We focus on the individual and work with you directly every step of the way so that you experience incredible results.

Why don’t I see you providing services or marketing at my local high school or at sporting events?

Competitive Edge APC has a strict policy on this issue. You will not see us providing services or marketing at the local schools or sporting events. Ever.

As parents of high school athletes, we have very strong feelings on this issue. As parents we have felt pressured and even offended by select local businesses being promoted within the junior and senior high schools in The Valley. We have even witnessed public school teams being required to train at specific facilities in The Valley or participate in specific training or coaching in order to be guaranteed a position playing on a team.

Furthermore, we view it as a significant conflict of interest when training facilities or their employees are working or volunteering at your local school in an effort to pad their own clientele.  These companies are not providing services out of sheer kindness; it is done as part of systematic and purposeful marketing strategies. These practices can give the impression that a specific business is there for one reason and one reason only, to recruit your child into their "fee for service" program. Kids deserve the freedom of being students and athletes during the school day. They should never be viewed as or placed in a position of being potential customers being bombarded with business marketing and promotion for any business.

We strongly believe that families and athletes are more than capable of making their own decisions about where the best place for them to train is and how to spend their own money.  Any decision to participate in an after-hours training program is a private decision made outside of the school setting based on individual athlete needs and goals.

Amy wrote a great article on this subject:  Consumer Beware The Youth Sports Syndicate

Why does my high school coach say that I cannot train with you?

We cannot speculate on this. However, if a coach has said that to you, then it’s fair to say that we’ve never met your coach. 

This question is troublesome. We are firm that any athlete needs to participate in all athletic activities related to their chosen sport. However, outside of the chosen athletic responsibilities is private time for any student. Your question is reasonable. It is not reasonable to expect a high school teacher would tell students they cannot train with a private music instructor and that everything they need to develop as a musician is provided in Orchestra or Band. Is it reasonable for a high school counselor to tell students they cannot seek outside help for SAT preparation or tutoring? Of course not.  

As a national leading authority on athletic development, one of our primary missions is to educate and help athletes and coaches throughout the country provide quality, safe and effective training programs for athletes of all ages. As part of our other business Movement Guides, we are the Official Athletic Development Partners to's Lift Life Foundation.  In this role we provide our patented fitness equipment to high schools selected for a complete renovation, as well as educate and train high school coaches and athletes who will use the equipment throughout the country.   Point being, we are passionate about educating and empowering coaches and athletes in any capacity we are able to.   

If your coach is telling you not to train with us, the only possible answer is to question their motives. 

Is your coach referring you to a "select" or "specific" training facility?  If so, that is concerning since each athlete should have full control over significant decisions in their private lives and in selecting a program that is best suited for you.

As a consumer, some reasonable questions for you to ask and understand include:

 Is your coach in direct competition with other training facilities?  

If your coach is working for another training facility and "volunteering" his time, is he or she actively recruiting and marketing athletes as customers for a specific facility?

Is your coach using tax payer funded facilities and charging money for his/her services? If so, are they paying the school for using these facilities?  Is he/she paying proper taxes to local, state and federal agencies for his income?  Does he/she carry proper liability insurance?  If you do not know the answer to these questions, we encourage you to find out in order to be responsible consumers to make personal decisions related to your future.