About Us

Matt and Amy know their stuff. Period. Every day they are out busting their butts in the gym pushing their own physical boundaries. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk. There is no question why Competitive Edge is the leader in strength and conditioning in the Treasure Valley.

Matt Wattles, M.S., Pn1

You need to know Matt. After two minutes talking with him, you quickly learn the guy is a genius, he knows his stuff AND he’s strong. Matt has been involved in the strength and conditioning field for over 20 years. Matt’s degrees simply lay the foundation for what this guy brings to the table.

  • Bachelor Degree – Corporate & Community Fitness
  • Masters Degrees  – Exercise Science/Physiology
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Past President of the American Society of Exercise Physiology (ASEP)
  • Board of Directors of American Society of Exercise Physiology (ASEP)
  • Authored many peer reviewed journal articles & published research
  • Invited speaker at national conferences throughout the country

Yep, Matt knows his academics, research and promotion. Here’s the kicker…not only does he KNOW his stuff, he DOES IT too! Matt currently competes in multiple strength sports. If you’re a serious athlete or a serious individual who wants to excel in your given discipline, you need Matt. Matt is the package deal, covering all the bases of your athletic needs.



Amy Wattles, Ed.S.

You need to know Amy too. Amy is a well rounded, versatile and internationally ranked strength athlete. Amy competes in strongman, highland games, Mas Wrestling and grip. In addition to her background in strength athletics, Amy is a special education teacher in the Treasure Valley.  Amy does an outstanding job working with children of all ages.

  • Team EliteFTS Sponsored Athlete
  • 2013 Mas Wrestling Women’s National Champion
  • 2012 US Grip Women’s National Champion
  • 2010 North American Highlander Association (NAHA) Women’s National Champion
  • Amy holds multiple world records in grip, including Ironmind’s: Apollon Axle double overhand deadlift, hub, COC Silver Bullet Hold & Little Big Horn
  • Second woman in the world to certify on the Ironmind Captains of Crush #2 gripper
  • Featured in Milo’s September 2013 issue, “Amy Wattles: America’s New Grip Queen”
  • Qualified for 2013 World Strongwoman Championship & 2014 Arnold Strongman Amateur World  Championship
  • 2008 World Strongwoman Championship, 6th place
  • Previous Cellucor Sports Nutrition Strongman Team
  • Special education teacher in the valley for over 15 years
  • Bachelor of Arts – Elementary Education
  • Masters of Arts – Special Education
  • Education Specialist Degree – Educational Leadership