$129 Trial Membership For A Limited Time

Let’s face it, you probably do not fully understand what a strength and conditioning facility is and what a dramatic impact our services will have on your performance.

We are so serious that you will love what we do, we are giving you a chance to test drive us. We want you to come in and experience first hand our expertise and services.

Our 30 Day Trial Membership Includes:

  • an initial assessment to identify your ability to train and identify weaknesses
  • twice weekly training sessions with similarly performing athletes or individuals for a total of 8 training sessions
  • individualized athletic training program

At the end of thirty days if you feel like we’re not for you, simply walk away with no obligation.

Membership Options

Membership includes small group performance training. You determine which level of membership works for you based on your athletic schedule and goals.  Our expertise and specialty isn’t for everyone and membership is reserved only for those who are committed to work hard and are driven to excellence. Membership is very limited due to our desire to provide you with our expertise and commitment to your development.

Once you become a member at Competitive Edge, you will undergo an initial assessment phase to develop a baseline to measure all future progress. We will assess your ability to train, identify weaknesses, and tailor an individualized training program for you specific to your goals.As a member you will receive regular “report cards” clearly documenting and communicating your progress. At all times you will be fully aware of your progress and areas needed for improvement.

Your training will be executed with the supervision and assistance of a group trainer. You will train in small groups with similarly performing athletes.

3 Month Agreement 6 Month Agreement Annual Agreement
Standard2x’s per week $299 per month $299 per month $249 per month
Elite3 x’s per week $365 per month $365 per month $315 per month
Professional4 x’s per week $450 per month $450 per month $400 per month

One on One Training

On a very limited basis, we offer individual training.

1-on-1 Personal Training- $75/hour (10 session minimum)

Call for further details.


Competitive Edge works with all age groups of athletes. Programming is driven by individual needs and abilities within these general age groups. In addition to small group training, we offer team training. Contact us to discuss options.
1. JV (11-14)
2. Varsity (15-18)
3. Collegiate
4. Professional

We will consider working with athletes younger than 11. However, that is determined on a case by case basis. We encourage you to call or come in for an appointment to discuss options.

Call or e mail us to schedule your appointment for Competitive Edge membership.